Our Curriculum

We believe children learn though play which is why our curriculum is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Standards and the Reggio Emilia educational program.

We pride ourselves on following the children’s interest to maximize their learning experience. Our educators are tuned in to the children’s abilities and make opportunities to further extend and challenge their capabilities. We believe in reflective practice and take time each day to reflect on the children’s learning. Families play a pivotal role in their child’s education and we seek to work alongside families by providing many ways they can participate throughout our curriculum.

Our four rooms are called arteliers because they are places of imagination and exploration. Each is named after an inspirational figure and reflects our belief that we can learn from the legends that have gone before us. We’ve taken attributes of great learners and used them to build our values across the centre to help each child develop their love of learning and discovery.


6 weeks to 15 months
Gandhi artelier

Our Gandhi Atelier stimulates the children’s mind, body and senses through relaxation activities, movement and massage, reading and story time, we also encourage muscle strengthening and brain development through sensory and messy play. Our Educators build meaningful relationships with children to support their wellbeing and development. Gandhi said, “Learn as if you were to live forever”. To encourage children to be active in lifelong learning our educators provide open ended opportunities for the children to experience the very best educational experiences.


15 months to 30 months
Goolagong artelier

Our Goolagong Atelier inspires children to be active through play and sports, healthy through planned and spontaneous learning experiences and in tune with the community through centre projects and excursions. The Goolagong atelier is a very active environment designed to support the energetic requirements of a toddler at their individual developmental stage.


24 months to 3 years
Garzoni artelier

Our Garzoni Atelier inspires children to be creative through many types of art and craft experiences, techniques and resources. Our Educators provide natural provocations and incorporate technology to further extend and challenge the children’s interest and learning experience. The Garzoni atelier encourages children to be creative in all aspect of their learning to develop enjoyment in lifelong learning.


4 years to 5 years
Galileo artilier

Our Galileo Atelier inspires children to challenge their ideas of the natural world and to build on their strengths and knowledge. Our Educators work alongside children to give them the learning tools and guidance they need to adapt to new challenges while creating an environment that is calm, positive and full of exciting learning adventures giving our children the opportunity to reach for the stars in their early years education.

These are my kindy friends we are best friends we have fun."

Thomas 4 years old

My children love the food, I like the helpful staff and seeing the fun activities my children get up to."

Melissa Jenkins

SunSmart approved
ACECQA approved
Queensland Kindergarten approved program