Our mascot is a frilled neck lizard with a rainbow frill

The Federal Government provides assistance to families through the provision of a range of payments including CCB, CCR and JET. General information on Child Care can be on the MyChild website and particular information on the benefits available can be found at http://mychild.gov.au/pages/CCFactsheets.aspx.

QKFS Statement of Fees

The Queensland State Government also provides our centre with assistance to implement the Queensland Kindergarten program through the QKFS. Our Statement of Fees can be found here (pdf).

Making payments

Payments can be made in person, or online.

At the centre

  • by cash
  • by cheque (make cheques payable to "Little Legends")
  • by EFTPOS or VISA/Mastercard (sorry, no American Express or Diners)


  • by direct deposit

    Account name: Little Legends
    Bank: St George
    Bank BSB: 114-879
    Account No: 068 062 671

At a St George Bank branch

  • by cash or cheque to

    Account name: Little Legends
    Bank BSB: 114-879
    Account No: 068 062 671